New Website Launch

John Vilk bio photo By John Vilk Comment

For the longest time, my personal website was a simple one-page setup. Handcrafted in HTML, frustrating to update, and oft-neglected… I had to make a change.

Enter Jekyll

Jekyll is a fantastic Markdown-driven static site generator. Once you have a template set up, you can simply write all of your content in Markdown and completely forget about the terrible world of CSS styling and positioning.

I started with the excellent So Simple Theme by Michael Rose, and tweaked it for my needs. The end result is a clean mobile-ready site that I can easily update.

Starting a blog?!

As you can tell from this post, I have started a blog. In both my research and my side projects, I encounter a wide variety of interesting ideas, issues, and bugs at the center of complex software systems. These topics can be anything from classloader subtleties at the heart of the JVM to specification ambiguities regarding the text encoding of strings stored in LocalStorage. I plan to post approachable blog entries on interesting phenomena as I experience them firsthand.


If you have any thoughts on the site design, feel free to leave a comment on this post. It is likely that I will be tweaking it occasionally as I find deficiencies.